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S E R I E S : corners of our home i'll miss the most - our living room

Our living room is the centerpiece of our home -- the very first room you see when you walk in, and one of my favorites in the house. We probably spend about 80% of our time here, so when putting this space together I wanted it to be both functional and comfortable.

I brought together some industrial elements, lots of wood and metal, sleek furniture pieces with sharp corners (was not a mom when designing this room - oops), balanced with a tufted couch, comfy wingback chair and a couple chic "vegan leather" pillows (if that isn't marketing at it's finest, I don't know what is). There's a great alcove for a media wall, but instead of designing an expensive built-in, we achieved a similar effect with a couple items we built ourselves, paired with a nice TV consul. We built a 'blanket ladder' on the left and some galvanized pipe shelves on the right, and stained them both to match the consul, which resulted in a very cohesive feel in the room.

I've linked to any DIY projects and I'll give links to where things were purchased at the bottom of this post -- some things are no longer available so I will just link to the website and/or something similar.

We also built two picture ledges for our gallery wall above the couch. I found a large wooden 'G' from a little shop in San Diego called Architectural Salvage (one of my absolute favorite spots for unique trinkets and giant letters salvaged from old buildings). I also love collecting art and prints from the places we travel, and this is the perfect place to showcase them and preserve some awesome memories.

This room itself is interesting because it is much longer than a typical living room -- on the floor plan it shows as a 'living room' and 'dining room' but since we used the space adjacent to our kitchen for the dining room, it freed up this little "bonus" area for us to use as we'd like. My husband loves to play the guitar, and I grew up playing the piano -- we inherited the very piano I learned to play on as a little girl, so we knew this extra space (with an interior wall -- important when selecting a spot for a piano), would be perfect for a music area. I can't wait to use this space to teach Ava how wonderful music is as she gets older.

Next up in this series - Our Kitchen

Living room rug -

Music area rug -

Jar light fixture - West Elm

Pillows - Target and Amazon

Deer Head - Z Gallerie

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