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baby's first easter basket

Ava was FRESH out the womb for her first Easter... we are talkin' less-than-4-weeks-old fresh. I was also sleep-deprived, and unsure if I would ever leave my house again. Needless to say, I was not in any shape to put together an Easter basket for our brand new bundle of joy. It was a miracle I even snapped this cute bunny-butt pic to commemorate her first Easter Sunday.

So now, one year later, I'm ready to put together one cute basket for our little bunny's first real Easter. I wanted to share these baby-friendly ideas, in case you need some last minute inspiration for YOUR baby's first (or second) Easter too! Most of the item names are linked!

I'm a little crazy when it comes to the whole safe sleep environment situation. So much so, that baby girl is now one, and still does not have a single blanket or stuffed animal in her crib. But this little bunny lovey is about to break the rules, and be the first fuzzy friend that Ava can snuggle up to during naps and at night. It's from the Jellycat brand so you know it's super soft and snuggly.

I love buying books for Ava, especially when they tie-in to the season. 'Where's Peter' is an interactive I-Spy type book, with flaps baby can open along with other 'touch and feel' items throughout the book.

These are my absolute favorite socks for babies -- they stay on so well, are thick, and have little grips on the bottom. Ava is starting to outgrow her smaller pairs, so I'm sizing-up and including this baby staple in her basket this year. Here are a couple pics from the Hanna Andersson website - they may look like normal baby socks BUT they don't fall off which makes them a must-have for me!

I thought these were cute and could work as something for baby to teethe on now, and serve as a DIY painted eggs craft we can do later, to remember this very special holiday.


I'm throwing in a can of puffs because they are one of Ava's favorite snacks. She recognizes the canister at the grocery store so I have to sneak it in the cart, or else she'll be wanting a handful before we make it to the cashier.

Plastic Filled Eggs

An Easter basket is not complete without little plastic eggs filled with treats. Since Ava doesn't eat candy, I filled her eggs with her favorite yogurt melts and some more of those puffs for good measure. Note to self: stash away 90% of these or else she'll eat them all in one sitting. This girl LOVES her yogurt melts.

Daisy Grow Kit

Target has a ton of these little flower and herb kits in the dollar section and I just love them! Even though Ava wont be able to do this herself (keep away from your young children because small parts, etc. etc.), I'm excited to plant this for her and keep it in the kitchen window, so she can see her little daisies sprout and grow.

Nothing says Easter like an old-fashioned bonnet. Ava can sport this white eyelet bonnet this Easter - it matches her Easter dress AND will shade her face as she 'hunts' for eggs with her cousins.

Stuffed Carrots

I picked these up in the dollar section at Target and thought they would be so cute in Ava's basket. They are baby safe (no small parts or buttons that she can chew off), and they can work for imaginary garden or kitchen play as she gets a little older.

Note on filling: Be cautious when using the paper or plastic basket filler-grass. It can be dangerous if baby decides to put some in his/her mouth (as babies often do). I'll be removing the blush filler I used above before giving Ava her basket -- you can replace with a swaddle blanket or pieces of fabric!

I hope this helps give you an idea or two when putting together your little one's basket -- wishing you all a happy Easter!

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