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family maternity shoot in laguna

At the start of June - Jordan, Ava and I ventured down to coast to Laguna Beach, to do our family maternity shoot with Whimsie Studios. Sadi (of Whimsie Studios) and I went to school together and she has since become a dear friend. She has watched our family grow over the years, and has always done an incredible job capturing these life moments for us. And she does it with a cheerful attitude and an expert eye... somehow squeaking out smiles from our "over it" two-year-old, and making the whole thing feel like a fun day at the beach.

We shot at the beach in front of the Monarch Beach Resort... a spot frequented by family photographers (there were at lease 4-5 shoots going on while we were there), and I can't tell you how many compliments I got on the pink lace maternity dress I wore. It actually made me consider getting it altered to fit after I'm no longer pregnant! The dress was gifted from Pink Blush Maternity (linking it here) and Ava and Jordan's outfits are both from Target.

I will cherish these photos of our growing family forever. Partially because it's our last photoshoot as a family of three, and also because it's our first as a family of four. Our worlds are about to get rocked by this new addition -- and these images capture this special glimmer in time... between life as we know it, and what life is about to become.

Photographer // Whimsie Studios

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