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the 7 Amazon items I can't live without

I shop on Amazon. A lot. We're talking, ordering-everything-from-laundry-detergent-to-groceries-to-Halloween-costumes, a lot. We're talking placing over 200 orders over the last two years a lot.

So I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about the amazingness that is the Amazon marketplace. WHY do I shop on Amazon? Easy. Fast. Free shipping. Limitless selection. I'm lazy. And sometimes forgetful.

Husband trips and cracks a giant hole through the lid of the dog food container? (This.. actually happened). No problem, I'll order a new one on Amazon before I forget. Friend tells me about the magnetic cell phone mount for the dashboard that actually holds your phone for longer than a week? Send me the link and I'll order it in seconds because I'm way too impatient to drive all the way to Radio ya wait that won't work. Amazon. Definitely Amazon.

But it's not just the ease or convenience of it all... Amazon takes the time and research out of finding very niche products. So I'm not writing this to tell you to start shopping on Amazon. My gut tells me that 98% of you already are.. weekly if not daily.

What I'm here to share, are the 7 products I found on Amazon, that you probably won't find at your local shopping mall... that I love. And have gifted to friends. And probably COULD live without... but why would I want to?

Let's get started - you can click on the item name OR picture to shop!

Why live your life tethered to an outlet by a 3-foot-long charging cord, when you could have a 10-foot one instead?? I know having to sit on the far end of the couch to send a text from your charging phone sounds like a first-world-problem.. and it is! BUT that doesn't make being able to lay comfortably in bed, scrolling through Instagram on your charging iPhone, any less awesome. I'm linking to a three-pack I recently purchased, but you can also buy the 10 foot on its own here.

I honestly don't know how I lived without this! Jordan and I live in a three-story town home which means taking A LOT of trips up and down the stairs! This handy little basket sits on the bottom two stairs leading up to the third floor, so throughout the day as I tidy up, I'll toss things in that need to be taken upstairs. At the end of the day, the whole thing comes up and gets put away! So convenient, and the basket itself is a nice modern weave that I love.

I've gone through my fair share of car-mounts (all purchased on Amazon, obviously), but this one is easily the best and most substantial one yet. It has a duel-function, because the magnetic piece that attaches to your phone also has a metal ring that pops out so you can have a better hold on your phone or just stabilize it while texting. The second piece is a little metal ball and mount that attaches to your dashboard. Just snap it into place to have your GPS in perfect view. **NOTE: be sure to follow the instructions and wipe down your dashboard before mounting. I rushed through this step on my first go-around and had to re-mount a couple days later (oops!).

I am, admittedly, a Burt's Bees girl... BUT the only other lip balm that has steered me away from that beeswaxy goodness is this lip balm. It is soooo smooth and creamy, and makes your lips feel so soft and perfect afterwards. Also GREAT for putting over a matte lipstick or stain... that is where Burt's falls short for me (too hard and thick to wear on top of lipstick), and so this favorite beauty product of mine steps in.

My Swell bottle comes with me on errands, but this giant water bottle is by my side all day at home, in my car and at the gym. And I don't use the word GIANT lightly. This thing is massive and I get asked about where I bought it at least a few times each month. It holds 64 oz. AND has a straw which I love because it enables me to be even lazier and drink without tilting my head back. Also - when I was pregnant and then nursing, I knew that if I finished 2-3 of these bad boys, I was in pretty good shape! It comes in a handful of colors -- I have the blue!

We have a tiny-tiny off-the-hallway laundry closet. We stacked our washer dryer to free up some floorspace, but lost a couple shelves that came with the house in the process. My solution? Ikea hanging storage, and THESE amazing hanging laundry hampers from Amazon. They are so perfect for smaller laundry areas, and they are much more visually pleasing and low-profile compared to an overflowing laundry basket.

Okay... so I didn't initially buy these on Amazon. I got them at a specialty Japanese stationary shop in San Francisco... BUT I can now buy them in EVERY color on Amazon and I think they are SO amazing I want to shout it from the rooftops. These are not your 5th grade self's eraseable pens you kept in your Lisa Frank pen pouch. You know... the ones that didn't really erase at all, but smeared that bright colored ink across your paper?

Nah. These pens write beautifully. And then ACTUALLY ERASE. Like no-trace-of-that-beautiful-ink erase. I have a handful of colors and I'm about to head to Amazon to buy a few more.


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