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7 ingredient berry cobbler (pro-tip: hide from yourself after baking)

I. Love. Cobbler. I also love easy recipes that are quick and look much more impressive than they really are. Well this recipe fits the bill. Seven ingredients, six of which I'd be willing to bet you already have in your cupboards. I'll be making this dessert for the Thanksgiving dinner we're hosting up in SF this year (yes I realize I'm a crazy person for hosting turkey day in a strangers kitchen, and yes I packed my gold charger plates because, hello, presentation is everything), but it's also perfect for a summer BBQ or dinner party with friends.


-4 ½ cups of mixed berries (frozen berries can be used for a juicier cobbler - see juicy cobbler above)

-1/2 cup sugar

-1/3 cup whole wheat flour

-1/3 cup white flour

-1/3 cup oats

-3/4 cup brown sugar

-4 TBS cold butter

(Did you count them? What did I say? SEVEN!)


1) Rinse berries in water if using the fresh variation. Mix berries with the 1/2 cup of sugar. Spray a pie pan with olive oil and place berries in pan

2) Mix together dry ingredients and spread over berries

3) Cut butter into small pieces and scatter on top

4) Cook at 400° for 10 minutes. Drop oven temp down to 375° and cook for 30 minutes. I like to add a little extra butter to any dry patches at the 25 min mark

5) Remove from oven and serve with vanilla bean ice cream (ice cream is optional but also completely necessary).

*not available on mobile

And that's it! It looks, smells and tastes delicious, and you can make it in under an hour! And fair warning, this cobbler is seriously tasty, so serve yourself a scoop, then cover with tin foil and bury it in the back of your fridge and forget it exists. Only let your most trusted friends know it's in there or your neighbors will come knocking. Enjoy!


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