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family photos at the christmas tree farm

A handful of years back, Jordan and I took our Christmas card photos at Greenspot farms - a little Christmas tree farm in Mentone, California. We were newlyweds and excited for what the following years would bring us.

Above photos by Carrie Vines Photography - 2014

Who knew that four years later, we would be back at the same tree farm, this time as a family of three! This photoshoot was a little different than our original one, though. Rather than fake snow and hot coco -- this one was filled with a running (and tumbling) toddler, three snacks used as bribes, two broken ornaments, and a miniiiii flocked christmas tree (sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas).

You would NEVER guess that our little rascal was not cooperating this day, though -- because our family photographer, Sadi from Whimsie Photographie, is what I like to call: a magician. I actually went to high school with Sadi (we used to copy each other's exams in Ms. Schuler latin class), and it has been so neat to keep in touch over the years.

Her photography business has exploded in popularity (and for good reason), and she has been able to capture our family as we've grown throughout the years. And we keep coming back, because we leave every shoot thinking, "I think my hair looked weird", "did I have on too many layers?", "the baby fussed the whole time"... and then our photos come back, and they are beautiful and perfect and so effortlessly capture this special and fleeting time in our lives.

I can honestly say that life has drastically changed in the last four years. Things like photoshoots are more hectic and life is less polished... and I wouldn't want it any other way.

all photos by Whimsie Photographie - 2018 (


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