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decking out our play kitchen for the holidays

Ava and Alice spend SO much time in their little play kitchen. As the holidays started to draw near, I knew I wanted to deck out this little area for a special December donut breakfast (and to enjoy for the rest of December)! I utilized a lot of Christmas decor I already had -- and then added a couple fun touches that would make them smile. It's a strange holiday season -- and we aren't able to do all of the fun things we'd like... so I'm taking every opportunity to make this month spent (mostly) at home, a little more special.

The balloon garland kit is from SYS Balloon designs (she's taking orders over Instagram), and it was SO fun to put together (and also so impressive when it was complete)! I'll be linking to everything at the end, but please let me know if I left anything out!

Ava was SO excited about our donut breakfast. True to form, she nibbled off all the frosting and left the bread. I want to bottle her up and remember these sweet and quirky moments forever.

All the paper goods are from Amazon. I used them to set the table and also to fill a little basket. The basket of disposable plates, straws and cups is both useful and decorative!

This tree was is Michaels. It was a dark green metal, so I decided to give it a coat of light pink spray paint, and then I dusted the tips with white paint to give a snowy-tipped look!

Our elf Holly even joined in on the fun. I gave her a tiny balloon to hold, and even gave her some credit for the balloon arch assembly ;) Can you spot her in the picture below?

Over-the-top? Yes. Worth every balloon blown up -- to see their excited faces that morning and to hear Ava talk about our donut breakfast all day long?? Most definitely.


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