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sharing how we decked the halls for fall

I blame my mom for my love of holiday decorations. Or maybe I should be blaming that nostalgic feeling that wraps around me like a warm, cozy, fall-colored blanket... that smells like cinnamon sticks and tastes like homemade apple cider.

See, my mom, a fellow crafter, seamstress, and holiday fanatic, would recruit me to help her decorate my girlhood home each year. The day we got the cardboard boxes down from the garage storage, checked for spiders and started decking the halls, was easily one of my favorite days of the year.

And so the tradition continues. But that exciting, fresh feeling of renewal that a new season always brings is now mixed with those happy memories I made as a young girl. I SO look forward to making those same memories with Ava (once she is old enough to decorate with mini pumpkins rather than throw them) ;)

Marshalls | plates, napkins, wood-carved pumpkin, jack-o-lantern candy bowl

HomeGoods | black wood lanterns, orange accent pillows, various decorative pumpkins

Michael's | gold chargers, beakers, spooky hand, fall jar, faux cotton stems

Dollar Tree | small plastic pumpkins (I spray painted shades of gold and white)

Target | small place-setting pumpkins, blue pillows, ceramic votive house


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