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easter weekend with lily jade's new anna backpack

Okay so it’s no secret I'm a huge Lily Jade Co. fan... I own quite a few of their bags and LOVE the versatility they offer, with so many compartments and the option to use it as a regular bag when you aren’t with your little one. So when I spotted their newly released Anna Backpack, at the time available for pre-order only, I was dyinggg to get my hands on one. Lily Jade generously sent me one of the first batches of this diaper bag to review - but the opinions and thoughts I'll be sharing are all my own. I only review or test out products that I would purchase myself, and strive to be as honest and transparent as possible when doing so!

On to the review! This bag comes in two different sizes, the medium and the large. The large is the size of an actual backpack, which for me is a bit too large for everyday outings, so I went with the medium size. Which is STILL super spacious. It accompanied me all of Easter weekend and helped store my large planner, snacks, a few plastic eggs, wipes, diapers, Ava's egg-huntin' boots, a sippy cup and my large insulated cup!

The design is pretty ingenious -- the bag is essentially split long-ways down the middle. Offering the large, top-opening-front-compartment you’d expect from a traditional backpack, and then an ADDITIONAL, equally large top-opening-compartment in the back! I decided to use these two areas as a little divider between my personal items (planner, lip gloss, wallet, etc.) and all of my toddler (and soon to be baby) items. This makes quickly navigating the pockets to find that pack of wipes SO much easier.

I got the bag in camel and gold - a color combo I LOVE in general, but it really is stunning on the Anna backpack. It also comes in back and blush, both with silver color hardware. I’ve been carrying this bag for about a month now, so here are some of my overall thoughts so far: L O V E

  • The beautiful design, soft high quality leather and shiny gold hardware

  • How organized it keeps my things organized — with lots of compartments and, in typical LJC style, a pocket for everything

  • That it’s a bit of a Mary Poppins bag because it doesn’t *look* large but can fit practically anything inside (except maybe an over-sized umbrella)


  • If anything, I wish there was an inner zipper compartment in the back section of the bag... but this is me reaching for a 'dislike'

  • Sometimes the shoulder strap can get in the way when wearing as a backpack, but I personally like having the option to throw the bag over a shoulder with this additional strap, so mine is staying put (note that you do have the option to remove)!

This bag has quickly become my diaper bag of choice. It's beautiful, super on-trend with the more traditional backpack look, and SUPER roomy, which is important now, but will be even more important when I start packing for TWO kiddos instead of one!

You can shop our Easter outfits, and of course, the Anna backpack below!

Anna Backpack // Lily Jade Co.

My Easter Dress // Amazon

Boots // Hunter

Ava's Easter Dress (similar) // Old Navy

Ava's boots // Hunter

(including my *32 Oz* water bottle


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