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DIY halloween headbands

I have been SO excited to share this festive DIY craft with you guys... but wanted to wait until thinking about all things fall and Halloween was socially acceptable. I would say September is fair game, right??

So after having Alice, my late-night nursing sessions were consumed with looking through Etsy for ALL the matching sister things. During one of these binges, I stumbled across a small shop selling little needle felted shapes for dirt cheap -- including some festive candy corn and peppermint shapes. As soon as I saw them, I knew they would make the cutest matching hair clips and headbands for the girls to wear over the holidays!

This is a pretty simple DIY -- I'll link the things I purchased for this project below!

Y O U ' L L N E E D


1. Cut two pieces of felt to be slightly smaller than your needle felted shape (one for the headband and one for the hair clip). This doesn’t have to be exact.

2. Use hot glue to attach the center of your flat felt piece to your nylon headband. Then glue your needle felted shape to the flat felt, sandwiching the nylon headband in between.

BOOM. Headband is done!

3. Next, cut out your deconstructed bow shapes for the hair clip. You can either eyeball this (what I did), or print out a pattern online (link to one HERE).

4. Assemble the bow. Secure with hot glue.

5. Open the clip and glue the backing piece to the underside of the TOP "jaw" of the alligator clip.

6. Glue the bow to the top of the alligator clip. Then glue your needle felted shape to the bow and backing piece (sandwiching the top "jaw" of the alligator clip, and creating a center for your bow.

7. The backside of the bow should look like the picture above. The bottom “jaw” should be fully operational.

And that's it! You can recreate this craft with any number of shapes for the holidays, or use something fun like stars and rainbows for any old day of the year!


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