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gift guide for the guy who 'doesn't want anything'

Hi Everyone! It’s Jordan here and I’ve decided to hijack Lauren’s blog this week. Now, there’s a strong possibility that I may completely overtake her blog going forward, so no more “show stopping porches” and a lot more of steaks, whiskey, gambling and debauchery! Ok ok I’m just kidding... Lauren will be back next week with something cute and sassy, so don’t worry!

Anyway, that time of the year has come where I’m always asked “What do you want for Christmas?” which I always reply “I don’t want anything”. Yes, us men are always so helpful with these kinds of things... Either we ask for nothing or we ask for something that’s absurdly expensive and unrealistic! So instead of guessing what your man wants this year, I thought it would be helpful to share a few gift ideas that should go over well. Check out the items below along with a brief description. If you have any questions about an item, just let me know in the comments so I can help out! All of the item names are hyperlinked to shop.

I got a pair of Jabra wireless earbuds a few months ago and they are absolutely amazing. I wear them while I’m on the driving range and they never fall out, even when I’m swinging a golf club a million miles per hour. They sound great, they aren’t uncomfortable, and you can hardly even notice I’m wearing them. There are many other wireless earbuds and headphone brands to choose from, it just comes down to personal preference. I personally don’t like having a pair of giant headphones on my head… I feel like I look like a doofus or maybe I’m just simply not “cool” enough to pull it off. Maybe your man is much cooler than me.... there’s a good chance he is.

Lauren brought this bad boy home the other day and told me to take a few pictures with it on the golf course. She specifically told me not to use it… so of course I immediately put coffee in it and claimed it as mine! A double wall insulated bottle AND a Bluetooth speaker all in one! What else could you ask for??? This bottle is awesome and the speaker sounds great. I highly recommend getting one of these… if not for your man, then get one for yourself, I guarantee you will not regret it. *use code Gift25 for 25% off!

My wife knows that the real way to my heart is to get me a new knife. I’ve always been into knives, ever since I was a kid. It’s an obsession I have and I can’t explain why, but I probably have about 40 lying around the house (out of Ava's reach of course... I'm not an animal). Most of my guy friends seem to always have a knife on them as well. They probably don’t have as much of an obsession as I have, but I think most guys enjoy having a nice new pocket knife. Or maybe I just hang out with hoodlums… who knows!

If you’re man really likes knives and you feel like splurging, then a Winkler knife is as good as it gets and will last a lifetime. I was given one as a gift and it is still one of my most prized possessions!

If your guy is like me, they are probably always stealing your nail clippers or scissors for their grooming needs. Then the next thing you know they start disappearing and you both end up arguing about where the tweezers are. I used to travel a lot for work and something like this would have come in very handy to just throw in my backpack. Even if you’re not traveling, it can be neatly organized in your man-drawer. This could probably fall into the stocking stuffer category. *Use code Seki71 for 20% off your order (through 12/31/18)

Quality Sunglasses (bonus points if you make them his prescription)

Who doesn’t loves new quality sunglasses? The hard part is they are pretty personal to everyone, so picking out a pair for your partner is a job better suited for you (not me). Ray-Ban is a nice brand most guys (myself included) like, so I'm linking a universally attractive pair above, but you can’t go wrong with a nice gift card to sunglass hut or another similar store. If your man is blind like me and has to wear glasses, then you could be really sneaky, find his prescription and get him some custom sunglasses. I hate wearing contacts, so when I want to wear sunglasses they need to be my prescription or they’re basically useless. Lauren, hook a brotha up!

Does your guy like cars? Fast ones? Well then get him the ultimate driving experience at the Porsche center. I haven’t personally done it, but I’ve talked to a few people that have and they’ve all said it was a blast. I mean who wouldn’t want to take a Porsche around the track at high speeds? Even if your man isn’t a typical “car guy” I’m sure he would have a blast doing this. If he doesn't, then there’s something wrong with your man…

Not all guys are into golf like I am, but if your guy is then you can never go wrong with getting him dozen golf balls. I highly recommend getting him Titleist ProV1x, as they are by far the best golf ball out there and also the most popular. You can get the ProV1 (not x) and they are just as good, it really comes down to preference. I could go into detail about the differences, but I do not want to bore the audience… If you want to hear a lecture on golf balls and golf clubs, just let me know in the comments! Other good brands/models would be; Taylormade TP5 & TP5X, Callaway Chromesoft & Chromesoft X, and Srixon Z Star. You can also sneak a peak into your guy's golf bag and see what golf balls he has. However, I still think going with the ProV’s is the safe choice.

Maybe even go a step further and get them customized with his initials on the balls. I just ordered a dozen on sale that say “Ava June” with all of the numbers customized to “13” and it cost about $50.

I have a lot of lounge pants already, because this is pretty much all I wear when I’m at home. It’s also pretty much all I wear even when I go out. I’m real classy! So Lauren, hook me up with some new ones.

Who the hell doesn’t like puppies? If you have a dog already or a house full of crazy kids then for your own sanity, I’d suggest crossing this off your list. I really snuck this onto the list so maybe Lauren would catch a hint… wink wink… golden retriever… wink wink…

If your man is into video games and doesn’t own Red Dead Redemption 2 yet, then get it! Enough said! This game is as good as it gets, so buy it now! Seriously, what are you waiting for? Buy it now! But make sure you know what game console your guy uses first (PS4 or Xbox One).

I love getting Lauren concert tickets, because it usually means I’m going as well! We’ve probably been to about 25 concerts over the years and we just continue to add to that every year. Now if you really want to make it special, you can turn it into a weekend getaway and check out an artist you both love at a really cool destination-venue. We recently went to Washington and traveled to The Gorge Amphitheatre to see The Head and The Heart, and it was by far one of the coolest concerts I had ever been to. You can also get tickets to a sporting event, if your man is really into a particular team.

I don’t really drink anymore, but when I did, whiskey was my jam. A nice large chunck of ice with a little poured on top was the way to go for me. You could even take this up a notch and get your man a little “whiskey” kit. Maybe a pair of cocktail glasses, the ice mold, a nice bourbon (or scotch, etc.) and a cigar! Or if you’re looking for another stocking stuff, these ice molds are a good idea.

Does your man need a little adrenaline rush? Well if he does, then have him jump out of plane! I did it a few months ago and it was an awesome experience. There’s no need to be nervous either, hell my mom even did it with me! Maybe you can both do it and cross this off your bucket list, I promise you will not regret it.

I refuse to wear my ring when I play golf, I just hate how it feels. I also know a lot of guys that feel the same way for similar activities. A couple buddies of mine use these silicone wedding bands as a substitute, they also wear them when they travel so they don’t risk their nice piece of jewelry getting stolen. Same goes for you ladies, you gotta protect your giant rocks!

I’m not a guy that wears slippers around the house, but I must admit that I saw these UGG’s the other day and almost bought them myself on the spot.

I hope these ideas help a little while you begin your Christmas shopping. If all else fails you can always just get your guy some candy. A large bag from sweet factory is usually all I need to be satisfied anyways! Hopefully Lauren will let me hijack her blog again in the near future. Happy Holidays!



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