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the only green drink recipe you'll ever need

I love a good green drink -- in fact, it was literally ALL I craved during my first trimester, when I was pregnant with Ava (don't worry, the cravings for bean and cheese burritos with loads of sour cream and hot sauce came later). I have tried quite a few recipes over the years, and this one is BY FAR my favorite. Not only does it pack a nutritional punch so you feel really good about yourself while you're drinking it, (isn't that one of the perks of drinking a green drink?) but it also tastes damn good.

This recipe was adopted from the 'Green Power Smoothie,' famously served at a vegetarian cafe in New York City, but I've tweaked it a bit to boost its green superpowers. I added a scoop of Sari Foods Wheatgrass Powder (to detoxify and give me some energy), plus a scoop of their Spirulina Powder (packed with vitamins and natural minerals - GREAT for helping that immune system). My dad has raved about Spirulina for YEARS. In fact, he used to buy little Spirulina pills from a local Asian market and swore up and down they were the only reason he never got sick. I love that this powder makes it so much easier to get those immune boosting properties in my post-workout drink!

Here's the recipe!


-1 cup cashew milk (can also use almond, soy or cow's milk)

-1/2 banana - preferably frozen (TIP: I LOVE chopping my ripe bananas and throwing them in the freezer. They'll make your smoothie thick like a milkshake, without all the crunch that you get with ice).

-1/2 frozen pear - chopped

-1 cup kale

-1 TBS almond butter

-1 tsp Sari Foods Wheatgrass Powder

-1 tsp Sari Foods Spirulina Powder


-1 tsp chia seeds

-1 tsb flax seeds


1) Put all ingredients into your blender or Magic Bullet and blend!

NOTE: Can prep all fruit/veggies before-hand by cutting and then freezing in Ziplock bags

2) Sprinkle with chia or flax seeds

This smoothie is great for an energy boost after a tough workout, or as a breakfast replacement in the morning (the almond butter gives you some nice protein that will keep you feeling full!) Hope you enjoy this tasty green drink as much as I do!


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