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grilled peach and burrata salad

There is actually nothing better than a crisp and refreshingly savory salad in the summertime! Especially one that involves some grilled summer fruit and my favorite beyond-creamy cheese (burrata, what else?).

This recipe is simple and delicious. Here's how you make it!

What You'll Need:

-1 bag of Arugula

-2 yellow peaches

-Yellow and red cherry tomatoes (cut in fourths)

-1 ball of burrata cheese

-2 TBS Pine nuts

-5 pieces of Prosciutto - chopped

-Trader Joe's Giottos Balsamic Glaze

-Olive oil

-Honey (optional)

-Salt & Pepper

Put It Together:

1. Wash your veggies

2. Chop tomatoes, prosciutto and burrata

3. Cut peaches in half and remove the pit

4. Brush peaches with vegetable oil (olive oil works too) and grill for 3-4 minutes each side

5. Chop grilled peaches. Toss with tomatoes, prosciutto, burrata, a drizzle of olive oil and salt/pepper to taste.

6. Top with a drizzle of balsamic glaze and/or honey, depending on how sweet you want it (I liked it with both, Jordan preferred the balsamic glaze only).

Pair with a glass of sparkling wine (Jordan picked up this bottle of Stella Rosa sparkling peach wine; nothing fancy but tasty and SO on-theme).

I hope you like this salad as much as we did (and we basically licked the bowl, so the bar is set pretty high on this one). Enjoy!


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