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heirloom toys gift guide


Let's face it. Kids get soooo many fun toys, puzzles and books over the holidays, it can get a little overwhelming. I always find myself as a mother, looking for high quality toys that will stand the test of time, and stand out in the sea of colorful, flashing, music-playing presents they will have in their possession by the end of December.

I've decided that one or two high quality toys that can be passed down to siblings, cousins, friends and maybe one day, my daughters' own children, are better than a whole boat-load of cheaper toys they will likely move-on from in a matter of months.

So with that, I should note that this gift guide is *not* budget friendly. These are higher quality toys, made of wood and/or other nice materials, that your little one will *hopefully* cherish for years to come! We own (and love) a handful of these, and Santa will be bringing a couple more to Alice and Ava this year!


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