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5 easy and thoughtful holiday hostess gifts

Everyone loves 'the hostess with the mostest,' but let's not overlook 'the bestest guest...est"?? The friends and family who host us for giant turkey dinners and the endless December festivities put a lot of time and effort into making things just right for family and friends traveling from near and far to celebrate the holidays together. If you've held your fair share of dinner parties, you know the planning, time and money that goes into hosting a big gathering!

Today I'm sharing some easy and festive ways you can show your appreciation and thank those who host you and yours this holiday season.

1. Wine Bottle Wrapped in a Dish Towel

This one is so easy and fun. Just pick up a festive dish towel from your local Homegoods and a bottle of your host's favorite wine varietal. Place the wine upright in the center of the unfolded towel, and wrap up each side. Hold the ends in place with some ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle. Your hosts will enjoy the wine and the nice addition to their kitchen decor!

BONUS: If you follow me on Instagram, I'll be showing you how to wrap your bottle the three ways shown above, on IG Stories!

2. Flowers in a Vase

This one seems obvious (and it probably is), but if you ditch the grocery store cellophane that says 'I just picked this up on my way over,' and trade it in for a glass vase or some brown craft paper with butcher twine, it will make all the difference! Presentation is EVERYTHING. Try stocking up on some glass vases from your local Dollar Tree so you can easily transfer your blooms to a proper container, without parting with one of your favorite vases or paying double at the florist.

3. Future Cookies

I love the idea of freezing some mounds of homemade cookie dough, popping them in a Tupperware box and gifting them to your host upon arrival. They can toss them in the freezer now and save them for another day (when they aren't running around the kitchen - preparing food for everyone ELSE).

4. Jar of Simmering Spices

Nothing is better than the thought of simmering cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peels over the stove on a cold winter's day -- filling your home with the smell of the holidays. But it takes some time and preparation that your hostess might not have right now. SO whip up a batch of dried fruits and seasonings, and toss it in a mason jar with a bow or scrap of fabric over the lid. Here are a couple recipes from Ever Mine and Nest of Posies.

5. Pound of your Favorite Coffee

Do you love Blue Bottle Coffee? Of maybe Peet's is your jam. Pick up a bag of beans next time you're at your favorite coffee shop, wrap it in one of these $2 'santa sacks' from Michaels and gift to your holiday host! Maybe he/she will break them open to brew a pot after dessert.

Hope these ideas inspire you to properly thank your host/hostess this holiday season! And remember, these small gestures may only take a few extra moments out of your day, but they will go a very long way!


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