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hospital packing list - second-time mom edition

Packing your hospital bag in preparation for childbirth is like a right of passage. It's exciting, and nerve-racking and cathartic all at once. And for me, it feels like a small part of "nesting"... folding tiny onesies with the perfect matching hat... all in preparation for your new arrival.

The first time around I packed WAY too much for the hospital. Bringing along multiple outfits, newborn diapers, swaddles... the works. So THIS time, I know what I really need, and what I could do without.

So equipped with this new knowledge, and one delivery under my belt, I'm sharing my updated packing list in hopes that it will help some of you figure out what to bring on that very special trip to the Labor & Delivery floor!


  • Birth plan

  • Insurance card

  • Pre-registration hospital paperwork


  • Face wipes (in case you cant shower)

  • Travel shampoo, body wash and disposable loofah

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Hair ties

  • Deodorant

  • Razor

  • Makeup

  • Glasses

  • Body/face moisturizer

  • Facewash

  • Hairbrush

  • Carmex

  • Breast pads


  • Baby clothes (bring newborn and 3 month sizes)

  • 2 sleepers with fold-over mittens attached

  • 1 hat (the hospital will also provide one)

  • 2 onsies

  • Going home outfit (something easy to put on with snaps or zipper)

  • Baby blanket (if its cold)

  • Cute swaddle for pictures (can also double as breastfeeding cover when guests come by)

  • Baby nail clippers (Ava came out with lonnnnggg nails and we didn't have these when we needed them last time around!)

  • Velcro swaddle newborn (the hospital swaddles were nearly impossible for us to do so we are coming prepared this time)

  • Car seat installed


  • Large water bottle

  • Nursing pillow

  • Chapstick

  • Gum

  • Lanolin cream (nipple cream)

  • Wear yoga pants to the hospital

  • Leaving-the-hospital outfit (comfy and nursing friendly)

  • 2 nursing bras without wire

  • 2 nursing tanks

  • Disposable flip flops - half size up (for the hospital shower)

  • Cute robe to wear after delivery (great for "fresh 48" pictures if you're doing those)

  • Soft blanket

  • Cozy socks with grips on the bottom

  • Granny panties

  • Coconut water and Gatorade

  • Prenatal vitamins and Tylenol


  • Pajamas

  • Next day outfit

  • Socks and boxers

  • List of people to text with updates

  • Snacks!!!


  • Apple TV and HDMI cable OR iPad with pre-loaded movies (our hospital requires a 2 day stay and we had lots of down time last time around)

  • Camera

  • Chargers for phones

  • Bluetooth speaker for music

  • Gift to Alice from Ava. Gift from Ava to Alice

  • Extra bag for stuff hospital sends you home with

  • Baby log or app to track pees poos eating sleeping

  • Treats for doctors/nurses (cookies, chocolates)

  • Shallow cardboard boxes to keep in car for any flower vases

  • Cooler for placenta encapsulation

So that's it! I recommend checking with your hospital to see what they provide in your recovery room, but most will provide many of the newborn essentials that would otherwise be taking up valuable real-estate in your bag. OH and pro-tip... take ALL of the freebies the hospital offers... that snot sucker will be better than anything you can buy in stores! Happy packing!

OH and my hospital bag is Lily Jade Co's Jennifer Tote.


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