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'ice-cream for christmas' tree

It really is true what they say - children make the holidays SO magical... because everything is magic in their eyes. And because there is NOTHING more magical than a sparkling, lit-up Christmas tree, I KNEW I wanted to design a very special tree to put in Ava's room this year.

While strolling around Michael's, overjoyed to see Christmas decor in October (anyone else 'Team Stock-up Early'??), I found some adorable ice cream Popsicle ornaments. After realizing they were made out of plastic (not glass... PERFECT for a grabby toddler), I knew I had to build my theme around them! And just like that - Ava's 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for CHRISTMAS' tree was born!

I'll be giving a linked shopping list along with step-by-step instructions below, so you can recreate this beautiful tree for your own little sugar plum fairy!

Y O U ' L L N E E D

-1 4-4.5' pre-lit Christmas tree | Michaels

-6 Ice Cream Popsicle Ornaments | Michaels

-6 Iridescent Star Ornaments | Michaels

-8 large matte white bulbs |

-4 pink pom pom sprigs | Michaels

-6 glittery white sprigs | Michaels

-Florist wire or pipe cleaners | Michaels

-Wire cutters

-1 spool of rose gold ribbon | Michaels

-1 mini tree topper | Big Lots

-1 mini tree skirt | Michaels


1) Find the perfect location and assemble your tree. I put Ava's on her dresser, because I want her to be able to admire it and not destroy it. Also, there are some small parts that could be choking hazards so just keep that in mind when finding a place for your Ice Cream tree!

2) Start with your various sprigs. These will get 'tied' into the tree with 3 inch segments of florist wire or green/brown pipe cleaners. It's much simpler than it sounds -- just tuck the stick end of the sprig into the tree, and lay it parallel on an existing branch. Then take your piece of wire, wrap it around the two, and twist to secure. Try to evenly space them throughout the tree.

3) I like to start with my favorite ornaments first, so I can ensure they get premium branch locations. Again, evenly space them throughout the tree. Then I move on to the next ornament, hanging by type/color.

4) Lastly, add the ribbon. I know some people say to add it first, and that works too, but since my tree is fairly small, I wanted to start with all the ornaments and sprigs, and then fill in any gaps with the ribbon.

5) Place your topper on top (secure with wire if needed), and wrap your tree skirt on the bottom. Light that baby up and watch your little one's eyes fill with wonder. I promise... it is worth all the time and sparkly ornaments in the world.


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