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I learned two things during my stint as a day spa receptionist back in high school.

1) Coconut oil can and should be used for ALL things. It really is a miracle substance with about 847 uses.

2) MANY makeup and skin care products are mass produced by manufacturers and then bought by companies who put their labels on the products, and sell them as their own.

There are, of course, many exceptions to this (the Osea products I am always talking about are one of those exceptions), but it was something interesting I picked up while working in the industry, and have held on to it ever since. It was this tidbit of knowledge that helped me get over my fear of ordering my beloved products over Amazon, because I realized that although the label had changed (the face wash, toner and cream are now sold under the brand names 'KarmaCeuticles', 'GreatSkin' and 'Elaine Gregg'), the quality ingredients and chemical-free skin-care remained he same.

All of that to simply say, there may be very little brand recognition with some of the products I'm going to talk about below BUT the products themselves are high quality and have worked wonders on my skin!

I've been using some of these products for a very long time (we're talking 12 years long), and although I do love integrating new creams or serums in as my skin changes over time, I have remained pretty loyal to these staples in my skin care routine. I have 'normal' skin, simply meaning it's not too dry and not too oily, and this recipe for clear and healthy skin has worked really well for me -- hopefully you might read about something that will work for you too!

*Robe curtesy of Leveret


I alternate between a gentle foaming cleanser (usually just pick up the target brand) and a fine exfoliator (using the exfoliating wash 2-3 times per week). This seems to be the perfect balance for me -- keeping my skin soft and smooth without drying it out too much.


I started using a toner after cleansing because I was told it restores your skin's pH balance. And truly, my skin feels super dry and uneven before applying this gel toner. I don't use cotton pads or anything fancy; I just put a pea sized dab on the tips of my fingers and smooth over my face. It absorbs pretty quickly.

Elaine Gregg Vital Hydrant Toner (used to be sold under the label 'GreatSkin')


Back in my pimple-popping days, I was CONVINCED that drying out your skin was the key to getting rid of those pesky oily pimples. How I wish I could tell my 15-year-old-self what I know now! Its the moisturizer (assuming you are using a good one) that will help your skin stay happy and looking refreshed. I LOVE this moisturizer (one of my long-time staples) because it's light enough for day and night use. It also smells like you ran through a lemon orchard (aka: absolutely delicious) so that's a plus!


I'm all about preventative measures so although I don't have wrinkles YET, I want to take care of my face as well as I can, to prolong that whole aging thing as long as possible! I LOVE Osea's Eye Gel Serum and Eyes & Lips cream for that exact reason. If you've been reading my blog for a bit, you've probably heard me rave about Osea -- super clean, vegan and non-toxic skin care products... based right up the way in Malibu!

I like the gel serum for the occasional rough night that comes when you have a baby. This stuff helps a ton with puffiness and dark circles. I actually use this BEFORE my moisturizer (eek this now falls out of order -- but my brain needs to group the eye products together..) and It gives your skin a cooling sensation which is super refreshing (especially after a night of less-than-ideal-sleep).

The Eyes & Lips Cream is great because it isn't super heavy like some eye creams AND it can be used around the lips (another place those pesky future wrinkles are likely to show up). Also, if your skin is feeling a little dryer than usual (remember, dry = bad), you can use it as an all-over-cream (I don't typically do this, but like having the option).


Last but definitely not least -- sunscreen! All the fancy creams and elixirs in the world can't save your skin if you aren't first protecting it from the sun. I used to be scared to put greasy sunscreen on my face (under makeup), until I started using the Kiss My Face sunscreen. Another vegan product - and my face has never had a breakout after using it. Also love that it's SPF 50 which is higher than what I find in most of my makeup.

So there you have it! My tried and true skin care regimen that keeps my skin happy and healthy. I hope you picked something up that might work for you. I will add new blog posts as I integrate or sub out products that I try and like, and think you might like too!


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