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making four eyes fashionable this spring

My eyes are crap. I have worn glasses or contacts for as long as I can remember... until around 2010 when I got Lasik Eye Surgery (cue angels singing) and could FINALLY see the world around me.

Fast forward to my pregnancy with Ava, and those changing hormones had a major effect on my vision. So it was back to glasses for me, but luckily my always-on-trend cousin tipped me off on Zenni Optical -- a website where you could type in your prescription and order cute and inexpensive glasses and sunglasses, quickly and easily.

Because you can essentially buy 2-3 pairs for the same amount you would pay for one at your optometrist's office, I ordered a few snazzy pairs on the spot (and proceeded to share this new find with all of my fellow four-eyed friends).

The affordable cost makes keeping up with trends in eyewear SO much easier -- something I never had the luxury to do before. So because I am over-the-moon for Zenni, I wanted to share their latest spring line they curated with fashion stylist Lindsay Albanese, and two of the trends I'M loving for this coming spring!


This nod to the 60's SCREAMS springtime to me! So fresh, so bold and such a statement. Lindsay is predicting these shades are the IT glasses for this coming season and I am so on board! The Browline Glasses and Square Sunglasses below are two of my favorites.


Loving the intricate wire frames that are trending right now; or you can strip it down to a simple throw-back brow bar. I have a harder time with wire frames because they tend to be on the smaller side and I have more of a wider face (meaning BIG sunglasses are my jam). That being said, these Cat-Eye Sunglasses and these Aviator Sunglasses give me the best of both worlds.

I hope these styles inspire you to branch out from your go-to sunnies or specs, and try something fun, new and totally 'on trend'.


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