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my postpartum must-haves

So this is part-two of my mini postpartum series. I felt like this topic was important to talk about, not only because I know I have a lot of mama-readers, but also because I think a lot of the time, a baby is born and everyone shifts their focus to that sweet bundle of joy (and rightfully so), but they inadvertently forget about the mom, who is experiencing a lot of physical and psychological changes.

This particular topic was actually requested by a follower on Instagram, and I LOVED the idea! I definitely have my go-to things that make me feel comfortable, happy and taken care of during the 'fourth trimester', so today I'll be sharing my MOST favorite items with all of you! I divided the list into 'Necessities' and 'Feel good items'; Everything is linked so you can easily shop (even if you aren't at home with a brand new baby)!


These are the things I can't live without after having a baby. They are great for recovery and overall comfort in those weeks after giving birth.

Magnesium Oil Night Spray - If you are new to using magnesium... it helps you sleep like a baby. I started using this when I was pregnant, to help with that 3rd trimester insomnia. Soon after Alice arrived, I realized it was also PERFECT to use after those late-night feedings, to help me drift back to sleep more quickly! It truly works wonders, maximizes my sleep windows, and smells like lavender which is a plus!

Padcicles - I talked about these on my Instagram story a while back, but these are essentially frozen pads that are soaked with Witch Hazel, lavender essential oil and aloe vera gel. They are GREAT to prep before birth, and use on your lady-parts that first week after a vaginal birth. Click here to see the recipe I used!

Postpartum High-Wasted Panties - Self explanatory and 100% necessary. I found cheapies on Amazon, because I fully intend on lighting these on fire once I no longer need them! Size up because lets be honest... NOTHING fits when you are fresh out of that delivery room.

Postpartum Recovery Belly Wrap - While on this topic, some sort of belly-binding wrap or girdle is super important. I did cloth belly-binding with an herbal mix/paste after having Ava, but it took a good amount of time and effort to properly wrap (and it was pretty messy). So this time around I used this belly wrap a friend sent to me. It is great because there are a few different ways to wear it, depending on what stage of recovery you're in. To be honest, I primarily wear the simple belly band portion, and it realllly helps hold everything in while my insides shrink back and readjust.

Bravado Original Nursing Bra - This is the nursing bra my lactation consultant recommended while I was breastfeeding Ava (I had it in white). I loved it so much, I ordered it in black during this pregnancy and I get SO much wear out of it. Comfy to sleep in. Thick enough to wear out and about. Easy to snap the cups on and off -- and no underwire which is ideal for milk supply!


These are the simple things that make me feel cozy and comfortable at home. Can I survive without them? Absolutely. But they help me enjoy the long nights and many days spent cooped up inside.

Cozy Cute Socks - My mom picked these up for me from Bath & Body Works when she was out here helping us with the baby. They are SO soft, SO adorable, and are even infused with shea butter! It's nice to feel a little pampered, and it's truly as easy as changing your socks!

Ultra-Soft PJs - I splurged on a pair of Moonlight Pajamas from Nordstrom, and I don't know if I can ever go back! These are super soft and luxurious... after a long day taking care of a brand new baby, there is truly nothing better than taking a hot shower and putting these on for the evening.

Full-Coverage CC Cream - I recently found the It Cosmetics 'Your Skin But Better CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream' and I am OBSESSED. So how did this find its way into my postpartum must-haves list?? Because it solved the newborn-mama issue of wanting to put yourself together, but not having the luxury of time to do a full-face of makeup. I just put a little bit of this on in the morning -- top with some bronzer and mascara, and I feel ready to take on the day (or at least run to get coffee without looking like I only got 4 hours of sleep last night!).

Instacart app - I've had my groceries delivered to my door every week after having Alice. I have very little spare time these days... and I don't want to spend it wandering the grocery story aisles. If you haven't heard of Instacart -- go download it. It basically lets you shop from your local grocery store, through their user friendly app. You fill up your virtual cart, pay, and then someone goes shopping for you! The best part is I can order everything while nursing, and the ingredients for that night's dinner magically appear at my door hours later. You can either pay a yearly fee (if you're going to use the service a lot) or you can pay a few dollars + tip every time you order... but it is WELL WORTH IT in my opinion.

Sleep Mask and Earplugs - One of the most important components of recovery is GOOD SLEEP. Well, unfortunately, night sleep is very hit or miss during those first few months. What helps? A sleep mask and earplugs (for when you are off-duty)! If you have a partner who is willing to trade off on some night wakings, pop in those earplugs so you can actually get a little sleep. These also come in handy during the coveted day-nap. I'm linking to a pink silk mask I bought for a friend off Amazon, and loved so much I had to pick one up for myself! It comes with a little silk bag (perfect for traveling) and a set of earplugs too.


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