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preschool learning through tech

I know I'm not the only mom to feel slightly overwhelmed at the thought of "playing teacher" for her little kiddo, during this time at home. I do feel fortunate that my 3 year old doesn't *have* to be in school right now, but I simultaneously feel like she's falling behind by not gaining the valuable skills, she'd otherwise be picking up in preschool.

I've been on a seemingly endless hunt for free preschool curriculums, creative learning games, and age appropriate art projects. And we've been hangin' in there. But then we discovered Osmo -- and guys, this has been a GAME. CHANGER.

Osmo is a program compatible with the iPad (and Fire Tablets too), that allows kids to physically manipulate shapes and game pieces, that are then projected on the iPad screen, for a truly interactive experience.

This picture shows the moment the fish Ava created, poped up on the screen! Ava get's so excited, every single time.

Then her little custom fish starts swimming around the aquarium. Every sea creature she adds joins in!

This hands-on learning approach has been so great for Ava -- my creative toddler who loves learning, building and creating!

The ABCs & Squiggle Magic and Tangram have been her two favorite games so far (and we'll be trying the Super Studio drawing games next), but I LOVE that this system can grow with her as she gets older! Right now, we are playing with the Genius Family Starter Kit, which ranges from ages 3-10! We have seemingly endless ways to play with and learn from Osmo - and I now feel confident knowing when we finally *do* return to preschool, my little learner won't even skip a beat!

To learn more about Osmo, visit

*the Osmo program featured in this post was gifted, but the experience and opinions are all mine.


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