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S E R I E S : corners of our home i'll miss the most - our master bedroom

As we gear up to move in two short weeks (yikes), I'm starting to feel a little sad about leaving this little house we have made our own over the past 2+ years. We bought our house new, so I had so much fun taking this blank canvas and designing it to perfectly fit our lifestyle. I agonized over paint colors, wallpaper designs, rug sizes and light fixtures -- working on one room at a time; hunting for the perfect furnishings and accessories until I was in love with the final result. Nothing makes me happier than having a vision in my mind and seeing it come to life, which is exactly what I was able to do in our house!

So since I wont be able to admire my favorite nooks and crannies of our home for the last three months of this year (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go back and read about our decision to do a short term move to San Francisco) and because I won't be able to put up my favorite holiday decorations in THIS house (fear not, two boxes of holiday decor WILL be coming with us to San Francisco), I wanted to give a little 'home tour' series on the blog, and also talk a bit about the design inspiration, DIY projects and special significance behind some of the things we hand-selected for this house of ours.

I'll give links to where things were purchased at the bottom of each post -- some things are no longer available so I will just link to the website and/or something similar.

First up! Our master bedroom.

Our master bedroom was one of the first rooms I tackled. I wanted to find that perfect balance between masculine elements brought in with dark gray tones, the nailhead armchair and my husband's black acoustic guitar perched in the corner, with the lighter more feminine touches -- blush pinks and creams, a ruffle throw, beaded pillows and pretty gold accessories.

The scale of the headboard is so massive, I searched high and low to find two beautiful (and TALL) mercury glass lamps to make the headboard wall very grandiose and dramatic. I also had fun framing some of my hand-lettering for the 'hello handsome' and 'hello gorgeous' prints on our respective sides of the bed. I love the mirrored furniture look, also very glam and feminine, but I really liked the idea of two side tables that were different but still 'talked to each other' rather than matching exactly. I ended up finding one at Pier 1 (we also got the matching dresser, on the wall opposite of the headboard) and the other at One Kings Lane (links below).

The last spot (and probably my favorite area of the room) is the seating area in the corner. I wanted this special area to showcase some of our wedding photos on the wall, along with our leather-bound wedding photo book (and now Ava's birth photo book) on the tiny little side table. This was more of a decorative area for the first couple years, but after Ava was born, it turned into a comfy spot where I could nurse our baby girl. The side table is now a place for less styled items like my water bottle, cell phone and pump but I love that this corner now has a new functionality, changing with us as our life changes too!

Next up in this series: Our living room

Grey Wingback Chair - Target

Throw Pillows - Pier 1

Small side table (seating area) - Amazon

Paint color - Perfect Storm by Jeff Lewis (Flipping Out fan, I couldn't help myself!)

Bed frame - Jerome's Furniture

Quilt and euro shams (in taupe) - Pottery Barn

Side table (left) - Pier 1

Side table (right) - One Kings Lane

Dresser - Pier 1

Matching dresser - Pier 1

Lamps - Overstock

Mirror (painted gold) - Overstock


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