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a sprinkle for baby alice

Baby girl has a NAME! And this past weekend we celebrated the little girl who will be known as Alice Gardner, with an intimate tea party surrounded by a handful of close friends and family.

I loved the name Alice since before our second baby was even a thought. It sat at the top of our baby name list for so long; I loved that it was 'known', without being common; easy to pronounce, feminine, and a bit of a throwback to another era (just like her sister's name, Ava). Not to mention, I just love how their two names sound together -- Ava and Alice. Makes my heart smile every time I say it!

So needless to say, it was such a fun surprise to walk into my sprinkle and see the name of our future baby girl etched into sparkly cloud cookies at each place setting! One of MANY special details that three of my closest friends (who planned the whole shebang) included in the day.

These pink, purple, blue and gold water colored boxes -- filled with chocolate covered pretzels and wrapped with butcher twine and sprigs of lavender sat at each place-setting, for guests to take home with them.

Everyone filled out 'wishes for baby' cards -- the same ones they filled out at my baby shower for Ava! My friends who planned the day made sure to include the same 'keepsake' activities that we had at Ava's shower, which I thought was so special. Each guest also filled out a birthday card for the different years of Alice's life, from 1 to 21.

The tea was held at a little café in Tustin, called Morning Lavender. Known for their adorable décor, pink neon 'good morning gorgeous' sign, delicious lavender lemonade and lavish tea parties, this spot was the ideal place for our gathering.

It was such a special day - I truly couldn't have asked for anything better to honor our little gal!

Dress - Pink Blush Maternity // Favor boxes - Homegoods // Cloud cookies - Inspire Lovely


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