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the stocking stuffer formula (for him)

Stockings are one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions. Growing up, my mom always stuffed our Christmas stockings to the brim with all sorts of trinkets, some small practical items and of course, lots of candy. Opening gifts was always fun, but nothing beat running down the hallway with my brother to sit on the floor digging through our knit stockings... getting our fingers caught in the yarn as we excitedly pulled out each little present.

My mom continued this tradition until four or five years ago, when much to my displeasure, she cut us off, insisting we were too old to still be getting stockings (bullshit if you ask me... kidding mom, love you).

So naturally, I've carried this tradition into my marriage, so I can still get that stocking-rush on Christmas morning. My husband, Jordan, humored me for the first few Christmases, but after making them for each other for so many years, he's finally succumbed to the enjoyment of this tradition, and he's actually gotten pretty awesome at it. I also think he secretly enjoys getting thoughtful goodies and all of his favorite candies, stuffed into one giant sock with his name on it.

SO I wanted to break down my stocking stuffer formula. If you are new to stuffing, or even if you've been enjoying this tradition for years, this formula will help you create the perfect stocking for your guy.


B R E A K - D O W N


I always love picking out a couple small things that tie back to Jordan's hobbies. He loves to golf so I'll throw in some golf balls or a golf themed card game. He has a weird obsession with styling his facial hair, so a nice quality shaving set is the perfect addition to his stocking. Magazines are also a great item to throw in!


Socks and fun boxers are a stocking stuffer WIN in my book. He always needs them, they're cheap, and they can easily fill the 'foot' of the stocking (who likes digging the straggler chocolate kisses from the bottom of the stocking anyway??).


I love including 1-2 'big ticket' items in the stocking. In past years I've picked up a golf-ball etching set, a nice leather wallet or a fancy-shmancy fountain pen. Sometimes these items don't fit in the stocking, in which case, it is acceptable to wrap these items and set them next to the stocking.

**NOTE: Smaller gifts, no matter the cost, should NOT be wrapped in the stocking!!! I know this is somewhat of a controversial topic (kidding, who cares), BUT the stocking is essentially the wrapping for all of the wonderful goodies inside. Don't duplicate your efforts and in the process, frustrate the stocking recipient.


Once all of the non-edible gifts have been purchased, it is time to load up on candy! But don't take the easy route and fill his sock with handfuls of mini candy canes. I like candy canes as much, or even MORE than the next guy, but these are annoying and no one likes hauling away a target bag filled with candy they sort-of like. Pick up the Christmas version of 3-4 candies your partner loves and stuff those bad boys in and around your existing goodies.

I don't know if this is just the way my Mom always did our stockings, but there was ALWAYS gum (oftentimes a multi-pack) and some sort of mint (Mentos, Altoids, Tic-Tacs - she didn't discriminate on the mint-front).

So there you have it! Follow this formula and the stocking you give is sure to delight your hubby. And note it can also be modified and applied to wives, kids, pets (sort-of), and whoever else is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of such a thoughtful and festive Christmas tradition.


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