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March 26, 2019


So last year I put together a 'baby's first Easter basket' blog post, so I thought it would be fun to share the fun goodies I'm including in Ava's toddler-appropriate basket this year!


T O D D L E R  N E C K L A C E

I have been on the hunt for cute toddler necklaces that don't present major choking hazards! Coral & Cloud on Etsy has sooo many cute ones, it's hard to pick. But I landed on this sweet Rainbow Pendant to include in Ava's basket. She loves putting on necklaces and is pretty good at keeping them on so I think she'll love this one!




Ava loves 'reading'/being read to, so I included some fun Easter books in this year's basket. I LOVED the 'I spy' books when I was younger, and was thrilled that Ava enjoys them too. I got her a holiday version for Christmas, so I'm included a bunny version this year.















// I Spy Little Bunnies 

















// My Easter Basket


C O L O R I N G  B O O K

They have a TON of cute and cheap coloring books at the front of the Michael's check-out stand, so I picked up a Disney Bunnies for Ava's basket. 



Girl loves bubbles. So I was excited to also find this big stick of bubbles at the front of the Michael's check-out stand for a dollar.




We are pretty careful about not giving Ava candy or sweets too often, but I think this holiday is one where we can make an exception. Lindt Chocolate sent some delicious Easter candy our way, including a classic chocolate bunny and little chocolate carrots, and I'm excited little Ave's gets to indulge (for a couple minutes at least... then mom and dad will polish off the rest ;))



S T U F F E D  B U N N Y

This Pillowfort by Target bunny was just too stylish to pass up. Her headband, fuzzy vest and striped tee?? It's all too much! I have a feeling this cute stuffy is going to take up permanent residence in Ava's crib. 





T A R G E T  D O L L A R  S P O T  F I N D S

I picked up a couple cute goodies in the Target Dollar Bins, all of them ranging from $1.50 - $3.00. Little plastic bracelets because our little girl has been LOVING little accessories,, a color puzzle since we've been working on learning the colors (I love that it ventures outside of the typical red, blue, orange, etc etc.), and then of course some kid-sized gardening tool so Ava can help me play in the dirt this summer.












T R A I L  M I X

I found these adorable plastic carrot-shaped eggs at Hobby Lobby, so I'm stuffing them with some Annie's trail mix instead of more sugar! Ava LOVES this stuff so I think she'll be pretty pleased when she opens them up :)



Hope this post gave you some fun and easy ideas for your toddler's Easter basket this year!











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