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the top 5 holiday gifts i'm most excited to give this year

Every year during this season of giving, I gravitate toward a handful of products I love and want to gift to the people closest to me. As the holidays come and go, I find myself telling everyone I know about these awesome products, why each was a hit, and where they can find them for their friends and family.

This year I thought it would be fun to do some preemptive sharing (before you finish your holiday shopping), so I did a roundup of the top 5 gifts ideas that I'm most excited to give - one for each person on your list. Just click the product name in each category to shop!

For the Parents

This thing will put your slow cooker to shame, and let you prepare meals in a fraction of the time. This is not your mother's pressure cooker -- it will do the job of 5+ appliances and it does it QUICKLY which is great for all of the busy people in your life (which is basically everyone, because we live in America). Pair it with 'The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook' and you have yourself the perfect gift for the parents who love to prepare delicious meals at home!

For your Besties

I will turn the car around if I leave home without this thing. Water is LIFE, especially when I was pregnant, and now nursing. A friend gifted this to me last Christmas, and now I get to pay it forward, because you guys, this water bottle is the business. It will keep your cold water cold for 24 hours and your hot drink hot for 12. I can leave this bottle in my car for a couple hours during a California summer and come back to ice cold water... plus they come in lots of different sizes and so many cute colors.

For Yourself (to subtlety *not so subtlety* drop hints to your significant other about)

Style, function, and sustainability come together to make this gorgeous natural wood watch. It's my early Christmas present and I'm in love. Pairs perfectly with stackable gold bracelets but is such a statement on it's own. Each watch is handcrafted out of 100% natural wood - sustainably sourced - so what's not to love? The one I'm wearing is the Frankie 35 in Zebrawood & Champagne.

I'm partnering with JORD this holiday season to give my readers 25% off of their purchase (how fun is that?) Click HERE to get your coupon!

For your Mother-in-law

I have purchased 5 pairs of these exact boots over the years. Three for myself and two for my Mother-in-Law. They are the most comfortable and versatile boots I have ever owned. The slight wedge heel gives you a little lift but it's so slight you hardly feel it -- truly, I have walked up and down the streets of San Francisco in these things. I also LOVE the subtle gold hardware, and this cognac color is.. (hands in the air emoji).

Nordstrom Rack (online) has these right now for $100 (normally $150) so nab a pair before they sell out of the good sizes and colors!

If the ones you want are sold out, you can also order them here!

For that White Elephant Exchange

This is my go-to gift for White Elephant exchanges. It's perfect because you can usually find a blanket in the set price range, and it doesn't matter who you are exchanging with (co-workers, family, girlfriends), people ALWAYS want the soft snuggly blanket. And don't you want to be the person who brings the gift that gets stolen at least once??

I LOVE a good pom pom throw, and this cozy one is on sale at Pottery Barn for $31! If you are tight on time and can't wait for shipping, swing by a HomeGoods -- they have the BEST blankets and you can usually find a nice one for around $20 - $25.

Happy gifting!


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